Watercooler TV UX Walkthrough

Open up the Water Cooler TV App
Bob Enters His Name
He logs into the Water Cooler system.
Something Interesting happens on TV. Bob watches his show and sees something that he would like to comment on.
Other Comments: Since he has friends who also watch this show, he sees the comments they have been leaving up to this moment.
Bob Enters His Comment. He types a comment about the CPR scene on screen at that moment.
Comment Is in the System. Bob’s comment appears on the left since it is his own – just as he sees his text messages in that app.
Some Time Later… At some later point (day, weeks or more) a friend goes and watches the same episode
Dick Launches the App. Bob’s friend, Dick, opens the app when he goes to watch that same episode that Bob watched previously.
The Same Moment in the Episode. The same moment when Bob left his comment happens on Dick’s TV.
Bob’s Comment Appears. The comment that Bob left all that time ago appears, as though he we there watching right alongside Dick.