The Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University. ITP’s mission is to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies—how they might augment, improve, and bring delight, utility and meaning into people’s lives. Students earn a terminal Master’s degree after two years of intensive technical, creative and conceptual work.

Molecular Gastronomy Spherification

Molecular gastronomy is a cooking style that uses unconventional techniques to create a dish. Often, you’ll craft something that will look like one thing, but be made from something else entirely; in this case, I made a sunny-side up egg

Examining race when it comes to online dating

I’ve been looking at studies examining race when it comes to online dating. One indicates strong preferences for a partner of their own ethnicity Another shows a more complex system of preferences likely dictated by societal norms.

Diversity in Online Dating

When I talk to others about my research into online dating, many of them convey their own stories to me. I’ve learned that this is an amazing way to glimpse into how others use online dating in their own unique

The Verge talks to OkCupid

The Verge talks to OkCupid, the dating site with a propensity for data research. Alexis Ohanian sits with Christian Rudder about how he and the SparkNotes founders went from study guides to an online dating network — and from there,

How I gamed online data to meet my match- Amy Webb at TEDxMidAtlantic

How I Gamed Online Data to Meet My Match

How I Gamed Online Data to Meet My Match: Amy Webb at TEDxMidAtlantic (by TEDxTalks) This was a great talk about how she reverse-engineered online dating to meet her ideal man. She discusses her own research into how popular profiles


I created a robotic ventriloquist dummy for a performer friend. This involved dissecting an off-the-shelf doll toy.

Zombie Decomposition Art Research

With a couple projects around zombies, I’m looking at visual guidance on how they might look over time. My OpenCV project will create a facial overlay that dynamically shows zombie decomposition (i.e. a mask).