Carl’s Work

Things that I have worked on directly.

Trakt to RescueTime workflows on PipeDream

Creating an automated workflow with PipeDream

Let me walk through creating a workflow in PipeDream to track watched TV time in Trakt through RescueTime. I use RescueTime to help manage my time and track billable hours for freelancing. Working with some international folks in other timezones, […]

AVP Apple Vision Pro, Alien vs. Predator

AVP: Apple Vision Pro or Alien vs. Predator

I keep seeing people abbreviate Apple Vision Pro as AVP – but I already think of AVP as Alien vs. Predator from that movie’s marketing. With the tagline “Whoever Wins… We Lose” I came up with this silly meme/photoshop of

Apple Vision Pro - spider-man skin

Avatars for Apple Vision Pro

Concept: avatars for the Apple Vision Pro that match the content you are watching on Disney+. Watching Captain America: Civil War? Have Spider-Man’s eyes appear in the external display while it’s playing.

jamie lee curtis - headshots

UI, Headshot Photos and Aging

Having worked on metadata for movies and TV shows, I stop to consider the choices others have made for what they show in their interfaces. What are you trying to communicate with a list of actors, headshots, and character names?

Hanging with Kuz promo videos

Our WWW integration with LG was part of their AI ThinQ branding. The success with shoppable NBA games made for a natural way to market the TVs. At the time, Kyle Kuzma’s career was taking off. I worked with LG

More Mobile Integrations

We grew to global consumer electronics as a platform, but our beginning was in a community site and app, then embedded interfaces in the apps of others. Here are a few examples of shoppable mobile integrations we’ve done over the

Data Flow in the Living Room

The living room has an interesting topology for multimodal interaction. Years ago, you got up and turned the dial directly on the TV. The advent of the remote control allowed you to do that from your seat. Even up to

Press Kit

CES Press Kit and Coverage

Launching a new product at CES, I had to work with LG to craft a marketing message. They would have their general press conference, a massive booth with TVs containing the feature, and a demonstration in their booth walk-through videos.

Prototyping Voice Commands for Smart TV

Part of the “Who.Where.What?” feature we initially launched at CES 2020 was voice commands for shopping the scene. This video gives a sense of what is possible with these commands. A lot of care was taken in curating a list

CES 2020 Product Launch

At CES 2020, we launched our shoppable integration in all our partner’s smart TVs (also retroactive with 2019). It was a proud moment when they mentioned the feature during their keynote. The partner had a large booth set up, showcasing