End of Semester Results

After gathering some great data from our interviews, we iterated to the final presentation of our design.

Companies are getting more active in pursuing your social media information, and more specific in their analyses of it. Through everything you post now, someone thinks they are making an informed decision about you and the personal details of your life. Not only is the process hidden from you, the information that is being used could be wrong.

Data mining is not a problem or a threat – it’s a new reality. People need a buffer, allowing them to reflect upon their social media information before it hits the general public. Mine informs you about the types of conclusions data mining companies make about you, and gives you a chance to change that. In a world where no online information is truly private, and one misjudged bit of info can collapse your hopes and dreams, let Mine be your canary.

User instructions

  1. Plug in the services
    • When you first open Mine, you plug in your social networks. The more you enable, the better the results.
    • Once that’s done, you press “Make it Mine” to get your social media presence analyzed
  2. Get machine analysis
    • One component of a Mine analysis is a machine
  3. Rate others
  4. Get Human analysis