ITP Class: Design Expo

Best System Design award

Award: Best System Design at the Microsoft Design Expo

Team Mine from NYU ITP wins Best System Design at the 2013 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit as part of the Design Expo – Making Data Useful: Improving Your Life, Community, and World [Instagram]

Mine Final UI Design

Here is a video Walkthrough of the Mine UI , also below in stills – I completely redesigned the UI in the Metro design style.

Mine: Iterate: Make it Mine

Brainstorming fine-grained controls had led people to “share more sensitive information with larger, and possibly riskier, audiences.” Iterate We imagined some interfaces for our product that were more impactful and not overcrowded with data. One was a playful take on

Mine: Iterate: {blank}-ability

Bringing together everything we brainstormed and discussed, we created an early design iteration of what would eventually become Mine. Insurability, date-ability, employability, loan-ability How do your Facebook profile, your FourSquare check-in history, and other social media personal data affect opaque

Design a Data Service

Group project to design two different data services. Assignment: Come up with two ideas for a data service, with no restrictions on the number and type of data sets or sources you use. 3 slide presentations again. Be ready to

Wireframe of a data-visualization

Group project: Wireframe of a data-visualization to improve Props to Shilpan who did the visuals! Assignment: Look at the CDC site and imagine an improvement – to the interface, the output, the context, whatever. Present this improvement in one sketch

Data Mashup

Assignment: in a group, brainstorm two ideas, each of which imagines using two data sources to create a third, combined use of that data that creates a new, useful thing Presentations: