Iterate: Make it Mine

The name ‘Mine’ came to be while envisioning the power of using this product. We simplified our interfaces for impact and clarity while also capturing some playful interactions.


fine-grained controls had led people to “share more sensitive information with larger, and possibly riskier, audiences.”

– NYT Biz section – data mirror


  • what performs the analysis? human or computer analysis
  • are tools available to fully automate?
  • human/peer analysis: must rate others in order to be rated yourself
  • find the enemy for this product


We imagined some interfaces for our product that were more impactful and not overcrowded with data. One was a playful take on a children’s tale. The other a simple diagram to show how closely you align with the person you want to be seen as.

And I coined a catch phrase to capture the power of the action taken by using our product:

Make it mine

This also led to its new name, Mine: describing the data-mining aspect as well as taking agency over how your data personal shapes your reputation.


explain why they are the enemy
remove details about enemy

speak to that appetite- what’s the business model?
premium model- some stuff for free but you can buy your way into a mill/reputation model

personal analytics- think about that

missed the clarity of “see how others see you”

2 companies/examples that uses social data, but for different purposes – single, specific quotes
Show + act feedback loop (data mirror component is still important)
klout, other real world examples
tracking + bad data -> find examples of this
start from scratch: use only actual examples of what people said, no theoretical

advertisers vs other data harvesting services

** Preserve the name somewhere (data mirror)
** Add the “make it mine” button
** Make only use of real life examples
** Steve Bodo article about focus group.
** Make a focus group on mech. turk or J school.
** Can someone say “we have 50% of bad data, and we don’t know which half”

  • The mine project” are doing something similar
  • The issue is tracking
  • business model: freemium
– Doc
  • The data analytics companies are sitting behind the advertisers
  • “This is about personal analytics”
– Mary
  • Have a punchline “see yourselves as others see you”
– Clay

Need to define:

Our project is...
We looked at...
We talked to...
We tried...
We learned...
We were inspired by...
Something like this is...
We build on top of...