Tinder Design Case-Study

I’ve been really enjoying these case study stories. They describe themselves as “product tips in a comic book format.” This particular one is about Tinder onboarding and upselling their premium offerings. They have some decent suggestions and meta commentary about the online dating industry.

It’s a decent analysis from an outsider, but clear the concept of “inclusivity” they laud is only a buzzword to them. Tinder has a broad appeal that transcends identity, community, and use cases. Making assumptions about what drives the core of their matching could have repercussions that are not worth the time saved with an autofill.

They may not realize, but some of the commentary has deeper meaning with regards to the general state of dating apps and the conflicting incentives of stakeholders (users, app company, advertisers). I noticed some areas where the desired feature actually does exist, but obviously discoverability isn’t there.