Livestreaming Hollywood Movies

Interesting – Netflix streaming Stranger Things, for free, on TikTok live. This is a great example of taking old media and bringing it into the new media sphere. Very low effort and brings in potential new subscribers. Apparently part of a Stranger Things Day promotional event.

Simple, but securing the rights to use the media like this is far more simple with the vertical integration of Netflix.

I’ve seen some unofficial instances – users live streaming big Hollywood movies (e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean) to quickly gain new followers. I’m not really sure how the DMCA process works when, by the time the rights holder becomes aware and sends a takedown, the stream is already over. Does TikTok expose the user to the wrath of the rights holder? Is there a fast process to identify these streams (think YouTube Content ID and Copyright Match Tool) and get them taken down?

The comment feed on the stream can produce some good conversation, stirring up those “Member Berries” and build excitement for a franchise. Potentially ahead of a new installment for an audience that will never be watching reruns on cable. The stream can be paired with other content – video game feed, commentary, video of the host sitting and watching the movie.

This example is great where the creator is directly engaging with the movie: singing, rewinding. Reminds me of David Schmader doing live commentary on Showgirls. It can bring life to essentially dead media and generate new revenue.