Supplemental Media

I was reading this article at Gizmodo about the new Johnny Cash graphic novel iPad app and this bit caught my attention:

If you already own his music, it will be used at relevant points in the story.


See that bolded part? My thoughts exactly… Digging-in, I found more at the iTunes page:

NOTE: the application does NOT contain the actual music tracks, but you will be able to access them if they are in your iTunes Library. If not, you will have the opportunity to purchase them. This special Soundtrack Edition contains the following features: – unique automated ‘search and insert’ audio feature places previously purchased music from iTunes into the graphic novel animation to enrich this reading experience – unique integrated ‘purchase and insert’ feature linked to iTunes allows you to explore Cash’s music by completing or building a soundtrack to accompany the graphic novel

iTunes: Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness By Ave!Comics

 Great concept, but we’ll see how well this automated linking actually works.