Project Runway QR Codes

I was watching Project Runway on Bravo recently and noticed they were using QR codes. As I discovered in my previous role, awareness of these codes and how to use them rose markedly during the pandemic. They are great for […]

Prototyping Voice Commands for Smart TV

Part of the “Who.Where.What?” feature we initially launched at CES 2020 was voice commands for shopping the scene. This video gives a sense of what is possible with these commands. A lot of care was taken in curating a list

Standards for 3D Eyewear

One of those super-annoying things about 3D TVs for the home is the eyewear. It’s bad enough that you have to wear anything special at all to get the 3D effect, but the dirty truth is that there is no

Johnny Cash gets his own iPad graphic novel

Supplemental Media

I was reading this article at Gizmodo about the new Johnny Cash graphic novel iPad app and this bit caught my attention: If you already own his music, it will be used at relevant points in the story. Gizmodo See

apple fall 2010

Apple Announcements

I’ll be brief; well, maybe… Not many surprises (or any) in the announcements today, but there are a few thoughts/questions/takeaways that I have. Apple TV Naturally, as an AV geek I’m always interested in this type of thing. Cool that

Just say no

Personally I was over the 3-D Craze before it began. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world latches on to the backlash bandwagon, so I encourage you all to get on before it gets crowded.

Old I've Got Mucnhies site

Website for TV Show

This is a website I made for a friend’s public access TV show. I took a skeuomorphic approach.