What can we create that uses data to improve the lives of individuals? We started by generating some ideas, then came at it from a couple other directions around the data itself.

Initial Project Ideas

Procrastination app

  • Computer break
  • ADD
  • study open tabs in browser

iPhone as psychologist

  • patterns (shopping etc)
  • mood and psyche (knows when you’re distressed)
  • articulate your problem, but also to communicate it silently

Farming app

  • For small-plot farmers internationally
  • “urban farmer movement”:
  • people who are raising small plots of crops in their backyards, public lands etc.

Follow entities

  • News aggregation by topic/entity
  • Visual layout of popularity (e.g. retweeting)
  • Octopus


  • “Like everything on Facebook day”
  • analytics, user data – lower incentive to buy user’s data
  • Wolfram Alpha Facebook app

Where does data come from?


  • On your person
  • Nearby
  • Network


  • Past Point
  • Past Range
  • Present
  • Future Point
  • Future Range


  • Sensors
  • People
  • Experts
  • Friends
  • Random users
  • Database

How does this data affect how we are perceived?

  • How insurable are you?
  • How does what you do online affect insurance premiums?
    • actuarial tables
  • How employable are you?
    • pay level
    • type of employer
  • Dateable?
  • Looks evil, but isn’t actually evil
  • single page summary of findings
    • can be used on the fly by judges
  • gallery of incriminating photos
  • sexual orientation?
  • change of ratings over time
  • email notifications?
  • klout
  • d-bag or nice guy?
  • what stuff you like
  • man in 60’s vs grandson today
    • how are major life events affected by social media?
  • how could this expand?
    • graph search
    • face recognition
  • instances from news where people were judged like this?

If data is used this way, what could go wrong?

  • Facebook experience is ruined
  • Hacked
  • Cease and desist/legal issues