speculative design

Speculative design is a design practice that involves thinking about the future and asking questions like “what if?” and “for whom?” . It’s a subsidiary of critical design that was popularized by design academics Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby in the 1990s. Speculative design helps people explore complex problems, new perspectives, and imagination to imagine and shape possible futures. It can also help address big societal issues by creating products and services for those scenarios


What can we create that uses data to improve the lives of individuals? We started by generating some ideas, then came at it from a couple other directions around the data itself.

Mood Tracking Concept

This project imagines using a variety of data sources to track patients with mood disorders. Past trends in those sources

Mood Miner

Mood Tracking

This speculative design project was about the idea the we have many digital indicators that reflect our emotional state. Depressed

Body Shape Tracking

This is some brainstorming around various sensors one could possibly use/wear to monitor health or fitness progress. [Assignment] My role: