Mine: Iterate: {blank}-ability

Bringing together everything we brainstormed and discussed, we created an early design iteration of what would eventually become Mine.

Insurability, date-ability, employability, loan-ability

How do your Facebook profile, your FourSquare check-in history, and other social media personal data affect opaque third-party reputation scores that can affect your future?

{blank}-ability can show you!

Make visible what is usually invisible to the user of social media – Expose the aspects of your online persona that affect your score:

What determines your reputation in 4 areas?
Insurability, date-ability, credit-score, employability all dependent on an entity’s interpretation of…

Ex’s photos of you & friends with red SOLO drink cups, check-ins at McD’s, photos of pork chops with gravy, etc.


  1. People intrigued, amused, horrified with seeing their info and photos interpreted by power-wielding 3rd parties in ways they can only control by limiting all info they share
  2. Third parties?

What could go wrong?

  1. (FB/4Sq/Datasources) Cease & Desist order
  2. Hacking attempts
  3. Becomes tool of the companies whose exploitation of data it sought to expose

What are we analyzing?

  • insurability
  • employability
  • dateability
  • loanability

Where would we find the data?

  • actuarial table
  • hr experts
  • academic journals/studies
  • credit rating

presentation icon We took this and gave our first presentation with several concept mockups.


“Look at reputation services that might offer the same thing”

“What does 100 percent success look like, 5 years from now?””