Audio + Video Health Score Visualization

We really wanted to redefine the way patients interact with their doctors and their healthcare in general. We did a good amount of iterating on novel concept designs for the patient interface. Coming from a more abstract perspective, we tried using general auditory and visual associating to give people an overall picture of their health.

This video shows us experimenting with some variables to achieve an instinctual reaction to your health score.

As part of this investigation, we evaluated the performance of SVG and the HTML5 canvas for live background animation. This eventually led to a design that incorporated sound, background animation speed, and color (see the live demo below – click arrow in lower right to toggle) – the sound is unpleasant for a reason! There are two more dashboard iterations we tried but with static backgrounds. Check out the demos below!

I coded the prototypes myself and designed the look and feel with my colleague, Amik Ahmad. All prototypes were created from scratch with help from some libraries (Bootstrap, jQuery).