More Mobile Integrations

We grew to global consumer electronics as a platform, but our beginning was in a community site and app, then embedded interfaces in the apps of others. Here are a few examples of shoppable mobile integrations we’ve done over the […]

Data Flow in the Living Room

The living room has an interesting topology for multimodal interaction. Years ago, you got up and turned the dial directly on the TV. The advent of the remote control allowed you to do that from your seat. Even up to

Mobile App Evolution

In addition to my company’s old website with community-driven content, we also had a mobile app. Initially there was audio fingerprinting (think Shazam) you could use to listen to what you are watching and it would find and display it.

Mobile Shoppable Video

For this project I was designing a version of our shoppable video interface condensed for mobile viewing. Our desktop interface has a pop-out detail view which is too wide for the popular phones on the market; additionally, the interface depended on

Audio + Video Health Score Visualization

We really wanted to redefine the way patients interact with their doctors and their healthcare in general. We did a good amount of iterating on novel concept designs for the patient interface. Coming from a more abstract perspective, we tried