Frame from "Furious 7" movie being scanned by computer vision

Shoppable Video Explainer Video

After I pushed to move towards a service oriented model, we found a need to clearly communicate what exactly it is we did as a company. I produced this hero video to do just that, capturing everything from company culture to the power of our services.

Universal was a good partner, so we looked through our catalog of movies on which we’ve partnered with them. The Fast and the Furious franchise was a favorite among employees and Furious 7 here had some killer fashion – something the company has always had deep roots in.

Storyboard for hero video
script and storyboard

The story: We identify the products in movies, so we roll this fight scene and highlight how you can dive right in the action yourself to get those products. We run movies through machine processing, so we can show the frames being scanned in a very visually impressive way. The system leverages our machine learning to identify the products from our extensive catalog. And then you can just resume watching the movie.

I took these elements (script, storyboard, assets) and directed the animators on what we wanted. A little tweaking and we had a success!