Viewers can buy items while watching on Telly (Image credit: TheTake)

Second Screens With a 10 Foot UI

When we talk about the “second screen”, typically one would think of using your phone/tablet/laptop while watching a TV. At CES 2024 we are seeing a second screen right next to the first screen: informational screens below your TV. LG […]

Hanging with Kuz promo videos

Our WWW integration with LG was part of their AI ThinQ branding. The success with shoppable NBA games made for a natural way to market the TVs. At the time, Kyle Kuzma’s career was taking off. I worked with LG

More Mobile Integrations

We grew to global consumer electronics as a platform, but our beginning was in a community site and app, then embedded interfaces in the apps of others. Here are a few examples of shoppable mobile integrations we’ve done over the

Press Kit

CES Press Kit and Coverage

Launching a new product at CES, I had to work with LG to craft a marketing message. They would have their general press conference, a massive booth with TVs containing the feature, and a demonstration in their booth walk-through videos.

Prototyping Voice Commands for Smart TV

Part of the “Who.Where.What?” feature we initially launched at CES 2020 was voice commands for shopping the scene. This video gives a sense of what is possible with these commands. A lot of care was taken in curating a list

CES 2020 Product Launch

At CES 2020, we launched our shoppable integration in all our partner’s smart TVs (also retroactive with 2019). It was a proud moment when they mentioned the feature during their keynote. The partner had a large booth set up, showcasing

CES Booth Design

My company debuted our integration on LG smart TVs at CES 2020. As part of that show, we had an exhibition booth to demonstrate the LG integration, our Golf Channel integration, and a general interactive demonstration of our machine learning

Envisioning a Machine Learning Product Identifying Tool

I had already established a roadmap for our internal tools to integrate machine learning, but I discovered a need to clearly broadcast the vision for how AI will work in our product. This could be considered a sort of product

Mobile App Evolution

In addition to my company’s old website with community-driven content, we also had a mobile app. Initially there was audio fingerprinting (think Shazam) you could use to listen to what you are watching and it would find and display it.

Golf Channel

We launched a collaboration with the golf channel. Shop for what the players are wearing and using (gear!). Also see player stats. This weekend for the tour championship!

Evolution of the tagged video UI

Our viewer interface has evolved a bit since the beginning. Usability and A/B testing, feedback from network execs/UX designers/lawyers, feedback from partner marketers, and more has shaped the product to what it is today. The first iteration of our product