Viewers can buy items while watching on Telly (Image credit: TheTake)

Second Screens With a 10 Foot UI

When we talk about the “second screen”, typically one would think of using your phone/tablet/laptop while watching a TV. At CES 2024 we are seeing a second screen right next to the first screen: informational screens below your TV. LG […]

Project Runway QR Codes

I was watching Project Runway on Bravo recently and noticed they were using QR codes. As I discovered in my previous role, awareness of these codes and how to use them rose markedly during the pandemic. They are great for

More Mobile Integrations

We grew to global consumer electronics as a platform, but our beginning was in a community site and app, then embedded interfaces in the apps of others. Here are a few examples of shoppable mobile integrations we’ve done over the

Envisioning a Machine Learning Product Identifying Tool

I had already established a roadmap for our internal tools to integrate machine learning, but I discovered a need to clearly broadcast the vision for how AI will work in our product. This could be considered a sort of product

Golf Channel

We launched a collaboration with the golf channel. Shop for what the players are wearing and using (gear!). Also see player stats. This weekend for the tour championship!

Evolution of the tagged video UI

Our viewer interface has evolved a bit since the beginning. Usability and A/B testing, feedback from network execs/UX designers/lawyers, feedback from partner marketers, and more has shaped the product to what it is today. The first iteration of our product

Mobile Shoppable Video

For this project I was designing a version of our shoppable video interface condensed for mobile viewing. Our desktop interface has a pop-out detail view which is too wide for the popular phones on the market; additionally, the interface depended on