Catch up on Slack mobile

Slack Catch Up Feature Uses Tinder-Style Swipeable Cards

Slack’s product team noticed that users would often triage their messages on the mobile app before actually responding on the desktop. What is a familiar way to triage a large number of items on mobile? Swiping! This can be a […]

Side-by-side comparison of Samsung Ballie vs Disney Pixar WALL-E

Samsung Ballie not WALL-E

It’s that time of year: CES. In 2024 we are seeing a resurgence of robots, taking advantage of multi-modal inputs for modern AI. This makes interaction less reliant on memorizing commands so that you can easily use it from the

Tinder Design Case-Study

I’ve been really enjoying these case study stories. They describe themselves as “product tips in a comic book format.” This particular one is about Tinder onboarding and upselling their premium offerings. They have some decent suggestions and meta commentary about

Netflix live stream of Stranger Things episode - with comment feed below

Livestreaming Hollywood Movies

Interesting – Netflix streaming Stranger Things, for free, on TikTok live. This is a great example of taking old media and bringing it into the new media sphere. Very low effort and brings in potential new subscribers. Apparently part of

Project Runway QR Codes

I was watching Project Runway on Bravo recently and noticed they were using QR codes. As I discovered in my previous role, awareness of these codes and how to use them rose markedly during the pandemic. They are great for

Automata Artist Highlight: Rob Higgs

Rob Higgs is a mechanical sculptor from the UK who uses found materials and encourages physical interaction with his artwork. He is an automata maker and inventor.

Monster design

The Real Monsters (pt. 2) – Reborn

Along the lines of trolls/monsters in all of us, this brings a visage to internal mental workings. The Real Monsters are reborn!  Upon getting so much attention for my previous designs, I wanted to redesign the monsters and develop the

submo - subway interactive art project

Project name: Submo

Project name: Submo Group members: Xinran Wang, Peiqi Su Code: https://github.com/xinranwang/Spatial-Media/tree/master/submo And a sample from the in-class demo: