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Side-by-side comparison of Samsung Ballie vs Disney Pixar WALL-E

Samsung Ballie not WALL-E

It’s that time of year: CES. In 2024 we are seeing a resurgence of robots, taking advantage of multi-modal inputs

Tinder Design Case-Study

I’ve been really enjoying these case study stories. They describe themselves as “product tips in a comic book format.” This

Netflix live stream of Stranger Things episode - with comment feed below

Livestreaming Hollywood Movies

Interesting – Netflix streaming Stranger Things, for free, on TikTok live. This is a great example of taking old media

Tinder Disrupt

This just popped up on my radar: Tinder Disrupt. As we’ve seen in the past, online dating can make for

Automata Artist Highlight: Rob Higgs

Rob Higgs is a mechanical sculptor from the UK who uses found materials and encourages physical interaction with his artwork.