AR as seen in ‘Solo Leveling’

“Solo Leveling” is an interesting anime, dropping a fantasy RPG reality on top of a typical modern day world. The main character is unique in that only he sees the video-game-like augmented reality interfaces around him, helping him in ‘leveling […]

VR as seen in ‘Pixel Theory- La Caja de Pandora’

I stumbled upon this gritty short film from 2013. It’s a future scenario where most of the population is plugged into fully immersive VR 24/7. They are all in there voluntarily and there is some life support system that can

Full Dive VR

VR as seen in ‘Full Dive’

“Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier Than Real Life!” Yes, the title of this anime is ridiculous – as is a lot of its content. A VR RPG that is so realistic it makes for

Creepshow host wearing VR headset

VR as seen in ‘Creepshow: Night of the Living Late Show’

The television horror anthology series “Creepshow” featured an episode titled “Night of the Living Late Show” that showcased a fascinating and disturbing portrayal of immersive virtual reality technology. The episode centers around the Immersopod, a unique VR system that allows

Mania wearing newer style VR headset

VR as seen in ‘Kiss Me First’

This miniseries from 2018 was less an exercise in future speculation than it was an exploration of cyberbullying. There’s a suicide cult at the center of it all and a bunch of messy teenage relationships. They are all into a

Chloë Grace Moretz as Flynne Fisher using a VR headset. As seen in The Peripheral (2022)

VR as seen in “The Peripheral”

In this short lived 2022 sci-fi TV show, we get a picture of two types of VR. One traditional display-based headset in the year 2032 and the other a full dive VR headset sent from 2099. We don’t see much

WiZ LED smart light controlled by Alexa

Connecting the WiZ LED Smart Bulb to Alexa

I recently bought a new LED bulb for my friend to use in their home – controlled with Alexa. Connecting it to Google Home was a breeze, but it seems WiZ wanted to make it even easier for Alexa with

Backwards Text in Social Media

We’ve all used that front-facing camera on our phones. We’re used to seeing our image in mirrors, so our phones flip the image to match that interaction; however, others don’t see us this way and text is not meant to

Pokémon Go 6 year anniversary

Revisiting Pokémon Go, 6 Years Later

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit but I’ve started playing Pokémon Go once more. Amazon Prime Gaming gave me some in-game bonuses, so now I’m back on and it’s got me moving more than I have in a while. Pokémon

The Verge talks to OkCupid

The Verge talks to OkCupid, the dating site with a propensity for data research. Alexis Ohanian sits with Christian Rudder about how he and the SparkNotes founders went from study guides to an online dating network — and from there,

How I gamed online data to meet my match- Amy Webb at TEDxMidAtlantic

How I Gamed Online Data to Meet My Match

How I Gamed Online Data to Meet My Match: Amy Webb at TEDxMidAtlantic (by TEDxTalks) This was a great talk about how she reverse-engineered online dating to meet her ideal man. She discusses her own research into how popular profiles