I saw this at Uncubed Scout NYC yesterday. Super useful!

Guide to nyc techv3 from Steve Schlafman

Yesterday I trekked down to New York City for a meeting and to check-out the format/environment of UnCubed, an event that looks to connect NYC startups with students and other professionals looking to join their companies. In parallel to company exhibits they had a series on speakers and panels around the NYC entrepreneurial ecosystem and what it’s like to work at a startup (pic).

Of note, Steve Schlafman of Lerer Ventures had an excellent entrepreneurial guide to the NYC tech/startup scene. If you’re new to NYC or looking for an update on how that community has continued to develop, you’ll most definitely want to flip through it.

The overview also offers an interesting look at the various components of a vibrant startup ecosystem. Most people just think primarily of startups and sources of capital, but it is far more complex than that with a myriad of other players and supporting cast involved. This does a really good job laying that out for NYC and is a helpful model for other centers looking to better understand/articulate the development of their ecosystem.

n-days: (Source: https://www.slideshare.net/)