Second Screens With a 10 Foot UI

When we talk about the “second screen”, typically one would think of using your phone/tablet/laptop while watching a TV. At CES 2024 we are seeing a second screen right next to the first screen: informational screens below your TV.

LG announced more transparent OLED TVs this year. The new one that is attracting attention has a retractable screen that can turn it into a traditional opaque screen. A feature called the “T-Bar” can make just a strip at the bottom opaque, so that transparent screensavers (or whatever) can play above and useful information and widgets can be displayed below. While not physically a separate screen, this functionally operates as a second screen in the transparent mode.

T-bar feature showing you useful information at the bottom of the LG Signature T Transparent OLED television. Here, you can find the time, weather, and even news.
The T-Bar feature on the LG Signature OLED T can be used to show news and information while the rest of the screen is transparent.

My former company announced their partnership with Telly, enabling viewers to purchase what they see on the primary screen. Operating the commerce functionality on a distinctly separate screen clearly delineates that the people appearing in the primary screen video are in no way endorsing the products on the second screen; this distinction is legally important in monetizing media content, as any indication of endorsement could create questions as to revenue and liability. Telly has been offering consumers free dual-screen smart TVs in return for data that will enhance its ability to sell advertising.