AVP Apple Vision Pro, Alien vs. Predator

AVP: Apple Vision Pro or Alien vs. Predator

I keep seeing people abbreviate Apple Vision Pro as AVP – but I already think of AVP as Alien vs. Predator from that movie’s marketing. With the tagline “Whoever Wins… We Lose” I came up with this silly meme/photoshop of […]

Han Solo cup blaster

Han Solo Cup

My Halloween costume started with some word play: Han Solo + Solo cups. The most practical form for this in costume was to make Han Solo’s blaster out of red Solo cups.

What is internet anyway?

“What is internet anyway?” A classic clip from 1995 where the hosts on the TODAY show discuss the internet. [via Gizmodo]

City of Toronto E-Waste

We want it! City of Toronto E Waste – Chuck & Vince (via spyfilms2009) – e-waste

geek poetry

Geek Poetry

Geek Poetry [Reddit via Gizmodo]