Mine Final UI Design

Here is a video Walkthrough of the Mine UI , also below in stills – I completely redesigned the UI in the Metro design style.

Wireframe of a data-visualization

Group project: Wireframe of a data-visualization to improve Props to Shilpan who did the visuals! Assignment: Look at the CDC site and imagine an improvement – to the interface, the output, the context, whatever. Present this improvement in one sketch

Data Mashup

Assignment: in a group, brainstorm two ideas, each of which imagines using two data sources to create a third, combined use of that data that creates a new, useful thing Presentations:

Demand driving revenue for content creators

In order to transform publishing into something that actually promotes a healthy ecosystem, consumer demand should be the primary driver of income for publishers. This is the general idea today for larger entities, but often the independent/self publisher is squeezed