Automata Artist Highlight: Rob Higgs

Rob Higgs is a mechanical sculptor from the UK who uses found materials and encourages physical interaction with his artwork. He is an automata maker and inventor.

HPI – Tell me what shows to watch

Voting results: 2 of the days had no votes, only the first day had more than one. 1 – Dexter, Misfits 2 – Game of Thrones 3 – 60 Minutes 6 – Comedy Bang! Bang! 7 – Downton Abbey

fortune telling robot arm

Fortune Telling Robot Arm

I worked with Will to program this robot arm to predict your fortune – nods ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

okCupid profile

Social glitch with OkCupid

OkCupid has a feature to see when others have visited your profile. The intention for this feature is to see who is checking you out. I will be using it differently. I launch OkCupid and open the profiles for the

Light Strings Digital Prototype

This prototype was meant to simulate the projected strings between tables and what happens when you “pluck” them (walk across). The movement and sound were easier to adjust with this prototype. Made with openFrameworks.

frame 1

Fallout NYC comic

I made this for my Fandom class and Comics class at ITP

Star Trek – Red Alert

In Star Trek, the actors would shift back and forth when the ship was supposed to be under attack. This program uses TSPS to tell when the user is making sudden movements and then activates red alert; when the user

Velocity through shape

TSPS computer vision with people recognized as circles

Using TSPS/OpenCV for computer vision and OpenFrameworks for graphics, this prototype represents the people it recognizes with circles and scales the radius according to the person’s velocity. Assignment – build a prototype that is many-to-one interactive: at least three people