ITP Class: Spatial Media

Spatial Media was a class at NYU ITP taught by Brett Renfer and Jeff Crouse.

Team photo for the Alamo art installation project


For the midterm project in my Spatial Media class, we were assigned different public spaces to augment with installation art. My group was assigned Alamo (aka Astor Place Cube). Since the space already had an interactive piece in it (you

submo - subway interactive art project

Project name: Submo

Project name: Submo Group members: Xinran Wang, Peiqi Su Code: And a sample from the in-class demo:

Assignment 5, Group 6

Looking at the Astor Place Cube (Alamo) and the Washington Square Park fountain (Tisch fountain) carljamilkowski, Harry, and FangYu

Light Strings Digital Prototype

This prototype was meant to simulate the projected strings between tables and what happens when you “pluck” them (walk across). The movement and sound were easier to adjust with this prototype. Made with openFrameworks.

Interactive Fundraiser Installation

This was a class project for Spatial Media at NYU ITP. The assignment as to make an interactive installation for a cocktail/fundraising event. This is video of the prototype: Code for prototype is here.“Making of” video is here. My role:

Light Strings

Midterm project for the Spatial Media class – an interactive installation for a fundraising event. RFIDs are attached to drinks. When a person moves their drink from one cocktail table to another, a “string” is projected between the two tables.

Star Trek – Red Alert

In Star Trek, the actors would shift back and forth when the ship was supposed to be under attack. This program uses TSPS to tell when the user is making sudden movements and then activates red alert; when the user

Velocity through shape

TSPS computer vision with people recognized as circles

Using TSPS/OpenCV for computer vision and OpenFrameworks for graphics, this prototype represents the people it recognizes with circles and scales the radius according to the person’s velocity. Assignment – build a prototype that is many-to-one interactive: at least three people

Health Dashboard Prototype

This is a prototype for a dashboard that visually represents a person’s health with color, movement, and sound (not captured in this video). It utilized Spacebrew for some of the background message routing. My role: programmer, interface designer Worked with:

The Line at Whole Foods Union Square, NYC

Whole Foods Line

An assignment at NYU’s ITP to observe interactions in public spaces. The Whole Foods in Union Square is very busy and has a system designed to route the traffic.