ITP presenting at Microsoft Research

Mine presentation at the 2013 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit

My team brought the project to the 2013 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit as part of “Design Expo – Making Data Useful: Improving Your Life, Community, and World”. The conference took place at the Microsoft HQ in Redmond, WA. It was […]

Steven Sinofsky

Windows head Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft executive in charge of Windows, has left the company. Julie Larson-Green is to assume control of Windows software and hardware engineering, and CFO Tami Reller will be in charge of the Windows business. thisistheverge: Windows head

Ultra responsive touch interfaces

These ultra responsive touch interfaces are key to providing a natural and immersive user experience (via The Verge)

Internet Explorer 9 Tracking Protection Lists

Internet Explorer 9 Tracking Protection Lists If you’re using IE9, then it’s worth noting that tracking protection is an opt-in feature. It’s not exactly obvious how to opt in, so I’m giving you the link right here. Click and add: simple. EasyList is a

Kinect Motion Capture for Animation

This is a great tool for independent animators. A sneak peek at the new animated series “Under The HUD”. Motion captured using the Kinect in combination with OpenNi, Brekel Kinect, MotionBuilder and Maya, this series takes a comedic look at