Steven Sinofsky

Windows head Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft executive in charge of Windows, has left the company. Julie Larson-Green is to assume control of Windows software and hardware engineering, and CFO Tami Reller will be in charge of the Windows business. thisistheverge: Windows head

Ultra responsive touch interfaces

These ultra responsive touch interfaces are key to providing a natural and immersive user experience (via The Verge)

Internet Explorer 9 Tracking Protection Lists

Internet Explorer 9 Tracking Protection Lists If you’re using IE9, then it’s worth noting that tracking protection is an opt-in feature. It’s not exactly obvious how to opt in, so I’m giving you the link right here. Click and add: simple. EasyList is a

Kinect Motion Capture for Animation

This is a great tool for independent animators. A sneak peek at the new animated series “Under The HUD”. Motion captured using the Kinect in combination with OpenNi, Brekel Kinect, MotionBuilder and Maya, this series takes a comedic look at