ITP Class: Tech Crafts

Tech Crafts was a class at NYU ITP taught by Catarina Mota.

Santa: Naughty or Nice

For my final project I decided to go with a holiday theme. Every year I attend an event called SantaCon; it’s a gathering of people dressed in Santa and other Christmas-themed costumes. When I was thinking about Santa, two concepts

Jie Qi

Jie Qi visiting the Tech Crafts class at @itp_nyu (at ITP)

Wag Sensor

A device that relays a dog’s emotions in LEDs: here only detecting a wagging tail. The goal here was to create a soft circuit that detects when a dog is wagging its tail – which then activates LEDs in a

Testing Velostat pressure sensor

Velostat is a cheap material to make a pressure sensor. Its flexible nature allows it to integrate into soft circuit applications. Here I tested a bit of it and found it capable of reading a nice range of output from

Assignment 1: Getting Rid of the TV Remote

Looking around the living room, I can’t help but notice that the TV remote is a bit awkward: they all have different appearances and pretty much never fit in with the room’s decor. Of course, there have been attempts to