HTC 7 Pro

Just added the HTC 7 Pro to my have list on @gdgt!

HTC HD7 kickstand

HTC HD7 kickstand design seems to solve the problem of the exposed and unprotected camera lens of the Evo – very nice #wp7 When placed with the back down, the Evo’s rear camera has to support the weight of the

palm pre camera

Palm Pre Exif Timestamp

Okay, I wrote this up a while back but now I’m on the HTC Evo with the oh-so-lovely Android OS. I’m putting this out there to help the Pre crowd. Overall, I was quite pleased with my Palm Pre. In particular, the camera is decent

Competitive Smart Phone Holiday Season on the Horizon

The 2010 holiday season is heating-up to be ultra-competitive for smart phones. A new version of Android, 3.0 Gingerbread, with higher minimum specs and a revamped UI is rumored to be released in October. Windows Phone 7 is also rumored to be released in