ITP Class: Fandom

Fandom: Pop Subcultures in a Digital Age was a class at NYU ITP taught by Zoe Fraade-Blanar.

Fallout: New York

We tried to get the Fallout fan community to campaign for getting the game to be set in NYC.

mad men fallout vault boy

Fallout Mad Men

falloutnyc: Digging that retro vibe of Mad Men and thinking about all the possibilities for a Fallout game in New York Mad Men is back, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to contribute to my Fallout: New York

frame 1

Fallout NYC comic

I made this for my Fandom class and Comics class at ITP

Nerd PSA on Portlandia

This “Nerd PSA” on Portlandia caused some outrage online. Does the “fake geek girl” archetype exist, or are they also allowed to like things?

Penny Arcade fake geek girls comic

Penny Arcade – Fake Geek Girls

On the topic of “fake geek girls”, this PA comic sums the emotional backlash in response to the stereotype. [Penny Arcade – Simulacra]