Side-by-side comparison of Samsung Ballie vs Disney Pixar WALL-E

Samsung Ballie not WALL-E

It’s that time of year: CES. In 2024 we are seeing a resurgence of robots, taking advantage of multi-modal inputs for modern AI. This makes interaction less reliant on memorizing commands so that you can easily use it from the […]

fortune telling robot arm

Fortune Telling Robot Arm

I worked with Will to program this robot arm to predict your fortune – nods ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Metrix line-following Arduino robot

This is a line following Arduino robot I built at Metrix, my local makerspace. I’ve been taking classes at Metrix. It’s been a great opportunity to work with the Arduino and freshen-up on on my electronics skills. The video is

Robotic Biomimetic Fish

For my senior design project in undergrad, I worked with a team on designing and building a robotic fish. This was part of a research project funded by the US Navy to increase the efficiency of underwater vehicles by mimicking

Jerry Sanders Design Competition

My team, sponsored by Hendrick House, participated in the 2004 AMD Jerry Sanders Creative Design Competition (JSDC). It was a great experience building a robot from scratch and interacting with robotics community and the larger UIUC Engineering Open House event.