The Ten Rings of The Mandarin

Tech Rings at CES – Become The Mandarin of Data Nerds

In the Marvel comics, one of Iron Man’s common enemies is The Mandarin. This villain is a warlord and criminal mastermind set on world domination; he rose to power after stumbling upon a set of Ten Rings. These rings were […]

Replicating a WREX Assistive Device

The Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton (WREX) is an assistive device made of hinged metal bars and resistance bands. It enables kids with underdeveloped arms to play, feed themselves and hug. For our biomechanics class, we attempted to replicate one from open

Gesture recognition with contact-microphones

PhD student Bruno Zamborlin’s Mogees allows you to turn a contact mic and any rigid surface into a touch interface for triggering audio samples. Gesture recognition with contact-microphones [via The Verge]