AVP Apple Vision Pro, Alien vs. Predator

AVP: Apple Vision Pro or Alien vs. Predator

I keep seeing people abbreviate Apple Vision Pro as AVP – but I already think of AVP as Alien vs. Predator from that movie’s marketing. With the tagline “Whoever Wins… We Lose” I came up with this silly meme/photoshop of […]

Apple Vision Pro - spider-man skin

Avatars for Apple Vision Pro

Concept: avatars for the Apple Vision Pro that match the content you are watching on Disney+. Watching Captain America: Civil War? Have Spider-Man’s eyes appear in the external display while it’s playing.

apple fall 2010

Apple Announcements

I’ll be brief; well, maybe… Not many surprises (or any) in the announcements today, but there are a few thoughts/questions/takeaways that I have. Apple TV Naturally, as an AV geek I’m always interested in this type of thing. Cool that

widgets on the iPad

Q: Why have you veered away from widgets on the iPad? A: We just shipped it on Saturday. And then we rested on Sunday. Q: So widgets are possible? A: Everything is possible. Steve Jobs [via Gizmodo]

The iPad Public Library Tragedy

And just when I start getting into the whole “modern, digital public library” thing, I find the iPad isn’t going to work with this content. EPUB, iPad and Content Interoperability For example, EPUB content protected with Apple DRM won’t work