ITP Class: Automata

Automata was a class at NYU ITP taught by Nick Yulman.


I created a robotic ventriloquist dummy for a performer friend. This involved dissecting an off-the-shelf doll toy.

Skull & Twerk – Mechanism Design

I created these projects to illustrate using stepper motors and mechanisms. One is a twerk bot based on Miley Cyrus’ performance at the 2013 VMAs. The other is a skull (it was Halloween at the time) with a fun background

Automata Artist Highlight: Rob Higgs

Rob Higgs is a mechanical sculptor from the UK who uses found materials and encourages physical interaction with his artwork. He is an automata maker and inventor.

fortune telling robot arm

Fortune Telling Robot Arm

I worked with Will to program this robot arm to predict your fortune – nods ‘yes’ and ‘no’.