Zombie Decomposition Art Research

With a couple projects around zombies, I’m looking at visual guidance on how they might look over time. My OpenCV project will create a facial overlay that dynamically shows zombie decomposition (i.e. a mask).

Interactive Fundraiser Installation

This was a class project for Spatial Media at NYU ITP. The assignment as to make an interactive installation for a cocktail/fundraising event. This is video of the prototype: Code for prototype is here.“Making of” video is here. My role:

Light Strings

Midterm project for the Spatial Media class – an interactive installation for a fundraising event. RFIDs are attached to drinks. When a person moves their drink from one cocktail table to another, a “string” is projected between the two tables.

Velocity through shape

TSPS computer vision with people recognized as circles

Using TSPS/OpenCV for computer vision and OpenFrameworks for graphics, this prototype represents the people it recognizes with circles and scales the radius according to the person’s velocity. Assignment – build a prototype that is many-to-one interactive: at least three people