EL wire

Electroluminescent (EL) wire is a thin copper wire coated in phosphor that produces light when an alternating current is applied to it. The light emitted by EL wire is similar to a neon light or a very bright glowstick.
EL wire is covered with a protective PVC sheath and sometimes a colored plastic shell to make it appear another color. It appears similar to common telephone wire and emits light along its entire length without any heat radiation.

Interactive Fundraiser Installation

This was a class project for Spatial Media at NYU ITP. The assignment as to make an interactive installation for a cocktail/fundraising event. This is video of the prototype: Code for prototype is here.“Making of” video is here. My role: […]

Light Strings

Midterm project for the Spatial Media class – an interactive installation for a fundraising event. RFIDs are attached to drinks. When a person moves their drink from one cocktail table to another, a “string” is projected between the two tables.

EL Wire Bra

My role: model, some stitching Worked with: Pia Z.