ITP Class: Appropriating Interaction Technologies

Appropriating Interaction Technologies was a class at NYU ITP taught by Kyle McDonald and Lauren McCarthy.

Zombie Decomposition Art Research

With a couple projects around zombies, I’m looking at visual guidance on how they might look over time. My OpenCV project will create a facial overlay that dynamically shows zombie decomposition (i.e. a mask).

HPI – Tell me what shows to watch

Voting results: 2 of the days had no votes, only the first day had more than one. 1 – Dexter, Misfits 2 – Game of Thrones 3 – 60 Minutes 6 – Comedy Bang! Bang! 7 – Downton Abbey

okCupid profile

Social glitch with OkCupid

OkCupid has a feature to see when others have visited your profile. The intention for this feature is to see who is checking you out. I will be using it differently. I launch OkCupid and open the profiles for the