Zune API

Zune API? Could be handy for some side projects:

apple fall 2010

Apple Announcements

I’ll be brief; well, maybe… Not many surprises (or any) in the announcements today, but there are a few thoughts/questions/takeaways that I have. Apple TV Naturally, as an AV geek I’m always interested in this type of thing. Cool that

palm pre camera

Palm Pre Exif Timestamp

Okay, I wrote this up a while back but now I’m on the HTC Evo with the oh-so-lovely Android OS. I’m putting this out there to help the Pre crowd. Overall, I was quite pleased with my Palm Pre. In particular, the camera is decent

Quick thoughts on my new HTC Evo

Huge screen, very responsive/snappy, the kickstand on the back is more useful than I thought it would be. All-around decent device; however, I’m still getting used to the Android OS. After having used WebOS (Palm) and iOS (Apple), this is


Just ordered the HTC Evo. Now it’s time to write an app to export SMS from WebOS to Google Voice!

Kindle 3 released

The Kindle 3 was released yesterday. I read about it on my iPad. RT @ConanOBrien