HPI – Tell me what shows to watch

Voting results: 2 of the days had no votes, only the first day had more than one. 1 – Dexter, Misfits 2 – Game of Thrones 3 – 60 Minutes 6 – Comedy Bang! Bang! 7 – Downton Abbey


We learned about wireless sensor communication today and saw this cool video of a project using XBee

Windows 8 ship party photo booth

Windows 8 ship party

At the Windows 8 ship party, they had an interactive photo booth which would allow you to take a picture of yourself and digitally draw on the image. It was a mess. The booth was set up inside a tent

Import a WordPress blog into Tumblr

Earlier this week I decided move an old self-hosted WordPress blog into Tumblr and discovered that there really weren’t any tools to import your existing WordPress content into your new Tumblog. So I built one. Import a WordPress blog into


I saw this at Uncubed Scout NYC yesterday. Super useful! Yesterday I trekked down to New York City for a meeting and to check-out the format/environment of UnCubed, an event that looks to connect NYC startups with students and other